Slidescape-36 (nicknamed "Hand" by Jesse and Dylan Faden) is an alternate dimension which can be reached through Slide 36 of the Slide Projector Object of Power. The only surviving slide (aside from Zachariah Trench's damaged slide), Slidescape-36 is the origin point of Polaris and the Hedron.

History[edit | edit source]

Slidescape-36 was one of many dimensions discovered by Jesse and Dylan Faden and their friends after they found the Slide Projector Object of Power in the landfill of the town of Ordinary, Maine. There, Jesse and Dylan met a seemingly benign entity, which Jesse grew fond of and named Polaris. During the events of the Ordinary AWE, Jesse and Dylan opened Slidescape-36 to call upon Polaris's help to save their lives. Not long after, the FBC captured Dylan and the Slide Projector, and Jesse burned every slide but Slide 36, which was recovered by the Bureau. One of the burned slides, the door to the Hiss dimension, was taken by Zachariah Trench.

The Bureau's research teams, under the direction of Casper Darling, began organizing expeditions into Slidescape-36 within the Research Sector of the Oldest House. There, Darling discovered the Hedron, a large, polyhedron-shaped living organism acting as a conduit of Polaris's resonance. Darling became obsessed with the Hedron and had it moved to the Oldest House, believing it would revolutionize knowledge. However, Trench became paranoid of Darling's growing obsession with the Hedron. Unbeknownst to Darling, Trench had a burned slide (which Jesse had burned in an attempt to destroy before FBC agents arrived) which was the home of the Hiss, a hostile interdimensional resonance that Trench fell under the influence of when he used the burned slide with the Slide Projector. Darling, knowing of the imminent threat of the Hiss, began to distribute Hedron Resonance Amplifiers, or HRAs, to the Bureau's agents for protection. Trench, fearing a complete takeover by Hedron, used his damaged slide to unleash the Hiss into the Oldest House, resulting in the Hiss invasion.

Slidescape-36 has not been accessed since Darling's most recent expedition. The Hedron has been destroyed, and Polaris currently resides within Jesse Faden. It is unknown how or why the Hiss was in Slidescape-36.

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