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The Songmaster Jukebox is an Object of Power introduced in Control, and later made available as an interactible object with the Expeditions DLC. It is used to access a special area in the Quarry where a challenge can be undertaken to earn premium rewards.


The Songmaster Jukebox is contained in a specialized, soundproof enclosure in the Central Executive area of the Executive Sector. Access to the enclosure is protected by a security checkpoint and surveillance cameras monitored by agents with Clearance Level 3. The Jukebox was originally located elsewhere in the Oldest House, but was recently moved on the orders of Lin Salvador in response to an incident occurred in which two agents who frivolously accessed the Jukebox without authorization were found dead. Its current location in a high-traffic sector and its beefed up security were deemed necessary measures to prevent low-clearance staff from misusing it again.

The Jukebox transports anyone within hearing range of its music to a certain destination after a Jukebox Token is inserted and the device's only record, "A Song for the Others", is played. The record is played slowly, causing the song to last for 25 minutes. When the song finishes, those who were transported are instantly returned to the Jukebox's location, no matter where they were in the destination area. Jukebox Tokens appear randomly in the Jukebox's vicinity.

The first recorded event of the Jukebox's paranatural effect before its acquisition by the FBC and relocation to the Oldest House sent those affected to a tropical beach. It is unknown where on Earth this beach was, or if it was even on the same dimension's Earth at all. After being moved to the Oldest House, the Jukebox's destination changed to the base of The Formation in Quarry Site Beta, indicating that its target destination is directly influenced by its relative location. Jukebox Tokens also began appearing throughout the Oldest House.

Jukebox Tokens[]

Jukebox Tokens can be found inside chests and dropped from enemies throughout the Oldest House after completing the main story mission My Brother's Keeper. They can also be created through the Astral Constructs option of Control Points in exchange for Source:

  • Single Token (10,000 Source)
  • Set of Three Tokens (25,000 Source)
  • Set of Five Tokens (40,000 Source)


  • On the interior of the Jukebox you can see a vinyl with the song "Space Doughnut" performed by Domo Corp visible on its A side. It isn't clear if this is the A side of the same vinyl that plays "A Song for the Others," which is reported to be the only vinyl inside by the accompanying documentation.

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