Something came home with me. I took work home. My Susanna got sick. When I realized my mistake, I wanted to bring her here, for Darling to do what he could. Kate flat out refused. Civilian doctors treated our daughter, but they didn’t have a clue. She died.

Zachariah Trench, Hotline: Prime Candidates

Susanna Trench was the daughter of Zachariah Trench. She died of a paranatural illness some time before Trench became Director of the FBC.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Susanna's father, Zachariah Trench, was a field agent of the Federal Bureau of Control. Due to what Zachariah would later perceive as the Bureau's inadequate security measures and his own carelessness, Trench accidentally "took work home," which resulted in Susanna developing a paranatural illness.

In spite of Trench's desire to have Susanna brought to the Oldest House and placed under the medical care of Casper Darling, Susanna's mother, Kate, flatly refused. As a result, Susanna was brough to civilian doctors, who were unable to help her due to the paranatural nature of her illness, and Susanna died.

As a result of Susanna's death, Kate divorced Zachariah, and Zachariah devoted the rest of his life to the FBC. When Zachariah later became Director, fearing the uncontrollable paranatural forces that had claimed his daughter's life, he implemented a number of new security measures to prevent the outbreak of paranatural forces in the Oldest House, including the creation of the Panopticon and internal lockdown procedures. Trench's obsession with keeping the Bureau safe would ultimately lead to the Hiss invasion.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Zachariah and Susanna's story bears similarities to the backstory of Max Payne from the Remedy Entertainment franchise of the same name. In Max Payne, Max, a law enforcement agent, loses his wife and daughter when they are violently murdered by criminals with connections to his work.
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