Unknown Caller is the second story mission of Control.


  • Enter the Communications Dept. to find the Hotline.
  • Navigate through the Communications Dept.
  • Reach the Object of Power to Cleanse it.
  • Use Launch to complete the Astral Plane challenge
  • Proceed through the Communications Dept.
  • Defeat Hiss-Corrupted Tommasi.
  • Find the Hotline Object of Power.
  • Traverse the Oceanview Motel
  • Pick up the Hotline.
  • Complete the Astral Plane Challenge.
  • Speak with Emily.

Related achievements-trophiesEdit

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
Paranatural Powerhouse Paranatural Powerhouse Obtain the Launch Ability 15 Bronze
Unknown Caller Unknown Caller Complete Mission 2 15 Bronze


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