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  • I live in a television
  • My occupation is escapism
  • I am very sleepy
Stories come naturally to us. We can't help it. There are many different worlds, many competing realities within our heads, fueled by books, television, even barely remembered childhood tales. There's an endless supply of fictional concepts more familiar to us than anything or anyone real. We have a far greater connection to the fictional characters we know and love than the random people we pass on the street. Our destinies and inspirations are shaped by lies, myths and fables.

Alan Wake

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Hello there! I'm Holly Nightmare. At present, I'm trapped inside of a television. I'm a fiction writer as well as an amateur manga artist. I sometimes post art on my Twitter and DeviantArt pages. I like to write a little in all genres, but primarily sci-fi, supernatural fiction, romance, mystery, and anything that defies ordinary reality. I've been a fan of Remedy Entertainment since playing Quantum Break; my favorite game of theirs is Alan Wake.

I've been with the Control community since day one, so if you have any questions about the game, community, or wiki, feel free to send a DM my way!

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