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I'm here. Why did you bring me here?

Jesse Faden

Welcome to the Oldest House is the first story mission of Control. It is followed by Unknown Caller.


Jesse Faden enters the Oldest House seeking the whereabouts of her brother, inadvertently stumbling upon a brewing crisis in the Bureau. Through a series of events, she is made the new Director of the Bureau and resolves to help its personnel end the Hiss invasion.


Mission start
Jesse Faden arrives at the Oldest House, the Headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control, to look for answers to the mysteries of her childhood.
Enter Director's Office
Guided into the building by the janitor, Ahti, Jesse finds Zachariah Trench, the Director of the Bureau, shot dead.
Complete Astral Plane Challenge
She picks up the pistol next to the body and is translocated to the Astral Plane. The strange Board encourages her to bind the gun, an Object of Power called the Service Weapon. She succeeds, and the Board informs her that she is now the Director.
Mission end
Jesse is attacked by the Hiss, a hostile force that has possessed the Bureau agents. She avoids its corruption and rescues a handful of uncorrupted agents, including Emily Pope, who briefs her on the situation. The Hiss has invaded the Bureau and its staff, taking control of anyone who wasn't wearing an HRA — Hedron Resonance Amplifier — a device capable of protecting against the corruption.


  • Proceed deeper into the Bureau
  • Investigate the noise in the Director's Office
  • Follow the Board's instructions to complete the Astral Plane Challenge
  • Proceed further into the Bureau
  • Cleanse the Control Point
  • Speak with the voice on the Safe Room Intercom
  • Cleanse the Hiss-corrupted Agent
  • Speak with Emily Pope


Entering the Oldest House

Following the opening cutscene, Jesse will find herself in the lobby of the Oldest House. Some side rooms on the first and second floor can be entered, but to progress the story Jesse must enter the hallway on the second floor to eventually reach and speak to Ahti, upon which this mission will officially start. Afterwards, the way back will be mysteriously blocked off, but heading forwards will return Jesse to the lobby's second floor, at which time the elevator into the Oldest House proper will now be open.

NOTE: Four collectibles can be found in this area before entering the elevator, and this area will not be accessible again after leaving. However, if not collected now, the collectibles will also be found later in Central Executive. Their locations in this area are as follows:

  1. Correspondence: Prohibited Items Reminder - At the security checkpoint in the lobby's ground floor.
  2. Research & Records: Bureau Expenditures - In the darkened room with the television at the top of the lobby staircase.
  3. Correspondence: Security Order - On a desk in the back corner of the bright office in the hallway.
  4. Correspondence: R4 Reports Reminder - On the coffee table in the darkened office in the hallway.

Astral Plane Challenge

Travel to the Director's Office at the end of the hallway, at which point a gunshot will be heard. Enter the Director's Office to discover the corpse of Zachariah Trench, the Service Weapon at his side, and a malevolent presence outside the door. Pick up the Service Weapon and, after "meeting" the Board, Jesse will now be in the Astral Plane. An Astral Copy will appear and must be killed with a melee attack to bind the Service Weapon, gaining it as a weapon. Shoot the two Astral Copies which appear to reach the final area, and the exit will appear after killing all of the copies (one wave of melee and one wave of armed Copies) here. After exiting, the Board will inform Jesse of her status as the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. Meanwhile, Trench's "apparition" will also urge Jesse of her new responsibility to defend the Bureau from the internal threat currently plaguing it.

Completing this challenge adds the Research & Records: Director Trench Photograph and Case Files: Service Weapon collectibles.

Central Executive

Exiting the Director's Office, Jesse will be briefly attacked by a malevolent presence and then must fight three Hiss Guards. The Research & Records: Hiss Guard collectible will be obtained after killing them.

Head to Executive Affairs at the end of the hallway from which Jesse originally entered and kill the enemies inside to reach Central Executive, corrupted by the presence which Jesse now calls the Hiss. Jump down to the ground floor and Ranger Second Class Polaski will spawn, along with four Hiss Guards (note that two start off floating and can be shot before jumping over the ledge.) After the enemies are killed, cleanse the Control Point (as guided by Trench's apparition.)

Head to the Shelter in the corner of the area to speak to Emily Pope over the intercom, after which she and some other survivors will emerge. After she and Jesse talk, head to the Hiss Agent in the corner of the room. Jesse will unsuccessfully attempt to cleanse the agent, after which the Research & Records: Hiss Agent collectible is obtained.

Return to Pope for a conversation in the Board Room, ending the mission and starting the next in search of the Hotline. Completing this mission awards the Research & Records: Portrait of Director Zachariah Trench collectible, a House Memory, and a random common-grade personal mod.

Related Achievements/Trophies

Icon Name Description Xbox Gamerscore PS4 Trophy
Choose to be Chosen.png Choose to be Chosen Obtain the Service Weapon 15 Bronze
Welcome to the Oldest House.png Welcome to the Oldest House Complete Mission 1 15 Bronze


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