Containment procedure Edit

No unique procedures needed.

Description/Parautility Edit

The object is a lightbox used to examine x-ray images. The image cannot be removed from the lightbox. The information on the image belongs to a patient named [REDACTED].

The object allows parautilitarians to forcefully seize an individual's [REDACTED]. The seized individual becomes [REDACTED] the user. The effect lasts [REDACTED]. Once released, the seized [REDACTED] as a result of the psychic trauma.

The object is currently bound to Jesse Faden.

Background Edit

A janitor named [REDACTED] bound the object at St. Anne's Hospital in [REDACTED]. Soon, the building's occupants were [REDACTED] by him.

The Bureau dispatched an emergency response team to [REDACTED] the perpetrator and [REDACTED] the item. Fatalities numbered in the [REDACTED]. For operational details, see case 26-HQ-452.

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